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Twitter’s Reactions To Rihanna’s Pregnancy Will Crack You Up

by Vanessa Waithera
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Rihanna’s pregnancy has broken the internet and she announced she’s expecting a baby with famous rapper ASAP Rocky.

It’s not surprising that people are full of good cheer and shock as bad girl Riri has finally surrendered to motherhood and love. With the millions of fans that Rihanna as it was expected that her fans on Twitter would make some fun out of it based on Rihanna’s past with her previous boyfriends and wildlife. Here were some reactions from Twitter that will definitely crack you up.

1.The unborn baby has been so glorified that people wondered if she’s the holy mother of God

2.Will they be making any more music?

3. This lucky baby…..

4. Drake still has a chance right?

5. Drake isn’t having it easy at all.

6. Woiye Drake

I mean we knew Rihanna is a super celebrity but is pregnancy something worth breaking the internet for?

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