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For the last four years, iOS game plan has been to defeat Android smartphones

by Joseph Richard
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Most recent statistics conducted prove Android’s dominance over the iOS operating system in recent years. The only surprise is that the Cupertino champ has benefitted a lot from the fall in market share.

At the end of the rod, Android has built a position of choice over time to dominate the smartphone industry in the past years. It is the most accessible OS and the cheapest, thus offering huge advantages over the latter.

Most recent data shows otherwise, as iOS has been gaining momentum on Android in the past four years. Android’s supremacy is beginning to diminish so much that the operating system’s worldwide market share has dropped from 77.32 percent in July 2018 to 69.74 percent this year.

Still, iOS gained about 6% more market share in the same time frame, rising from 19.4 percent to 25.49 percent. Apple has been increasing its attempts to make itself more accessible for a long now, with devices like the iPhone SE and the entry-level iPad.

What is the cause of Android’s decline?

 According to various financial analysts, this loss would be caused by increased competition from iOS. It is not believed that Android smartphones will fade away since Google has created an almost insurmountable gap that Apple will find difficult to fill.

Android has a market share of 69.32% in Europe, whereas iOS is used on “only” 30% of smartphones. The case is still the same in Africa, and Android is the King with 84% dominance compared to 81 percent on the Asian continent and 90 percent on the South American continent. However, in North America, Apple takes the lead with 54 percent of the market, while Android is counted at 45 percent.

This does not mean that Android should relax because Apple’s new tactic seems to be working well as they sell the most expensive gadgets worldwide.

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