Kenya Copyright Board To Reintroduce Copyright Registration Fees

kecobo kenya copyright board

The Kenya Copyright Board has announced that copyright registration fees will be reinstated.

The payments will be collected beginning July 1, according to the Board, which means that the free copyright registration will remain free for the next month. By registering copyright works, the Board is mandated by the Copyright Act to keep a database of writers and their works. This registration is completely optional.

Non-registration, on the other hand, does not deprive writers of their Copyright Act rights. The existence of a public record of owners/authors is ensured by registering copyright works. The certificate of registration also serves as proof of copyright ownership. It could also be used as collateral to obtain a loan from a bank or other lending institution.

Registering a copyright

  • Go to 
  • Create an account and then upload your work. You can either create an individual account or a corporate account.
  • Receive a validation code
  • Enter the code and complete the account creation process
  • Log in and proceed with the registration.