8 Things Your AirPods And EarPods Can Do That You Didn’t Know


Whether you use the latest wireless AirPods or your old corded EarPods, you might not be getting the most out of your Apple headphones. With both of these inexpensive tech devices, you can accomplish a lot more than just the bare minimum.

You can master your AirPods or use your EarPods to speed up daily activities with a few easy tricks and game-changing shortcuts. Detailed information is provided below.

1. Take a picture

A photo will be taken when you press either of the volume buttons on your Apple EarPods when the camera app is active. For a broader selfie, expert tip: prop up your iPhone and take off your headphones.

2. Pause your music

You already know that the end buttons on your iPhone EarPods may be used to adjust the level of your music, but the central button also serves other purposes. When you want to listen to your music again, simply press it once again, and the song will resume.

3. Skip songs

Would you like to skip a song in your playlist? To select “next,” there is no need to take your iPhone out of your pocket. To skip to the next song, simply push the centre button on your EarPods.

4. Start a song over

You suddenly become aware that your favourite tune has been absent while you’ve been totally out of it. If you want to restart the course from the beginning, quickly press the centre button three times.

5. Play a previous song

Once you’ve returned to the song’s beginning, swiftly triple-click the previous track on your Apple EarPods. Use them to watch movies with the greatest soundtracks after that.

6. Get to the right spot in a song

You’ve been singing along to this song all day, but all you really want to do is get to the bass drop. Don’t let go of the second click after pressing the centre button twice. Until you let go, the music will advance. Give it three clicks, holding on to the third one to rewind.

7. Take a call

Press the centre button to answer if your phone rings while you’re listening to music. While you’re still on the phone, is there another call? It works by pressing the same centre button. You will speak with the second caller while putting the first caller on hold. And here’s how to locate your AirPods if you misplace them.

8. Ignore a call

If you don’t feel like answering the call, feel free to ignore it and steer clear of these typical calls from shady numbers. To ignore the call, press and hold the centre button for a short period of time. When you hear two beeps, you’ll know it was successful. When you are currently on the phone, do the same to put a second caller on hold.