Why can the Internet be bad?


Let’s not argue about the fact that we have become completely dependent on various electronic devices or the new buzzword “gadgets” and the Internet. In transport, almost every passenger drives staring at their smartphone or tablet – I see this picture at least twice a day. At work or at home, the situation is almost the same and the characters are the same. It is recommended to place bets when there is a stable Internet connection. By the way, Betwinner login is enough for betting. On the Internet, we make appointments, buy goods, plan vacations, and much more. And how annoying it is that when you need to look or find something, the Internet “slows down” like evil. And what if this situation is repeated more than once? It is worth thinking about what the problem might be.

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In this review, we tried to collect the most common reasons for “freezing” of the Internet and ways to solve this unfortunate obstacle. So, the Internet is slow, what can be the issues and what to do about it?

The most banal:

  • many programs are running in the background at once, they can slow down the work – check and turn off unnecessary ones;
  • automatic Windows update – the OS is regularly updated, sometimes it happens at a time that is not very convenient for the user – check and adjust the update schedule so that it does not interfere with work;
  • viruses – install an antivirus on your computer and regularly check;
  • performance (speed of operation of the computer, laptop itself) – here either reconfigure or replace/update the components (if they are already outdated);
  • you forgot to pay for the Internet – yes, this also happens;
  • the antivirus is very “inquisitive”, the firewall and firewall are active – check the settings, maybe it makes sense to “simplify” the check a little;
  • find out from the provider whether there are any works on his side;
  • overflowing browser cache – check and clean it;
  • disk space has run out – check disk “C” – maybe it needs to be cleaned a little;
  • perhaps increased activity of the torrent client – check what is happening with the distribution and downloading of files.

There are other reasons for slow Internet, more specific. For example, don’t believe it, but the speed of the Internet can be affected by heavy precipitation or a sudden change in atmospheric pressure – here you need to contact the provider – the issue is on his part. In addition, sometimes it limits the speed itself – if the limit of megabytes has been exhausted or is coming to an end. This also happens.

Wi-Fi works slowly – reasons

The reason Wi-Fi works poorly may be the equipment that receives and distributes the Internet. If the connection is wireless:

  • capabilities of your router (router) – its speed is much lower than the accepted Internet speed. Before you buy a router, be sure to check the speed it is designed for. After all, if the Internet speed is 100 MBT, and the router has a lower speed, then the “excess” speed will be cut off, and you will get “slow” Internet;
  • again, do not be too lazy to find out from the provider whether something on his part could have affected the Internet – changed, reset the equipment settings, etc.
  • If the connection is wired:
  • mechanical damage to wires. For example, bends or kinks of patch cords (cables). Here you will need the help of a specialist and may need to buy a patch cord instead of a damaged one.

These are the main reasons why the Internet can work slowly. Of course, there are many more of them. But you can start looking for a problem from this list. If it was not possible to eliminate the obstacle, it is better to contact specialists.

Question answer

Browser and settings?

In the case of a drop in connection speed, you should understand its settings only in the browser. In the “Connection parameters” tab, you need to make sure that access to the Internet does not go through a proxy server. If so, you need to establish a non-proxy connection.

Viruses on the computer?

You should check your computer for viruses. If detected, all infected files must be deleted. Also, using two antiviruses at once can slow down the device. If a third-party antivirus is installed on a computer with Windows 10, then it is necessary to disable the native defender.

Technical problems?

The Internet is not always slow due to software settings. It is necessary to check all network cables and the router. If dents or breaks in the cable are detected, it must be replaced. In case of unstable operation of the router, it is reset to factory settings, which are also replaced.