The iPhone 14 Pro is already a subject of counterfeits in China

Celje, Slovenia - October 07, 2018: Woman holding new iPhone XS smartphone (with protective VRS design case, 5.8 inch Retina display, silver color version with 256 GB memory) in her hand over the note pad.

The iPhone 14 Pro seems to have found its way into some customers’ hands as the September 7th Apple Keynote draws closer. The high-tech sector is rife with imitations. Smartphones, of course, are not an exception to the norm; on the opposite.

Clones of the iPhone 14 Pro have already started to show up on the Chinese market, as the MacRumors website suggests. The latter then attempts to mimic the quirks that ought to set the smartphone apart from its forerunners, including Apple’s comparatively large ultra-wide-angle lens and the “pill” and “hole”-shaped cutouts that replace the notch on the iPhone 13 Pro.

These “reproductions” aren’t as accurate as they initially seem to be. These show significant design problems that even the most astute observers could not miss. We may note that the gadgets are sluggish and have false back sensors.

Last but not least, notice that these advertised knockoffs are outfitted with a customized version of Android that mimics the UI included in iOS 16. Even though Apple hasn’t yet disclosed the iPhone 14 Pro’s final design, these duplicates may unintentionally mislead some customers.