USB 4 version 2: Incredible speeds are possible with the same connection


The Verge’s most recent research indicates that USB 4 version 2 may be the quickest connection you have ever used, without even having to upgrade your wiring.

Until now, Thunderbolt or USB in version 4 was the quickest connection we had – finally accessible to the most tech-savvy, while many of us still don’t even have USB 3.2.

The two technologies are essentially interchangeable and can achieve speeds of up to 40 Gbps, but this is ultimately far too slow for the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), which is in charge of setting the technical requirements for the following USB standards.

Although the USB 4 version 2 standard has not yet been formally retired, our friends at The Verge already have some fascinating and unexpected information. Let’s start with this standard’s minimum data rate of 80 Gbps.

Up to 80 Gbit/s based on a new physical architecture, but utilizing existing 40 Gbit/s USB Type-C passive cables and newly specified 80 Gbit/s USB Type-C active cables. The USB 4 version 2 final specs, which this name may not know, should most likely be made public before the November 1–2 USB DevDays in Seattle. It’s then time to verify this information.