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An M-PESA Agent Trends On Twitter For Creating A Wooden Money Sanitizer

An M-Pesa agent from Mwea, Kirinyaga County has received praise for creating a wooden money sanitizer.  Wanjohi used wood, plastic, a motor, a rubber band, and gears which enable the note to move in and out of the machine. This happens to all cash that is being brought by the customer and the money handed back to customers as change or as withdrawals.

“We came up with the idea to create this machine so that we can protect people from this Coronavirus,” explained Wanjohi.

This comes at a time when Kenyans are being discouraged from using physical money when buying, selling, or undertaking any other transactions.

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His invention was shared by the Daily Nation, and people in the comment section indicated how impressed they were.

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However, not everyone felt this way. Some thought that the best way to stay protected is by simply sanitizing hands and wearing gloves, while others said the invention was unreliable.

When the first cases of Coronavirus appeared in Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta insisted that citizens should “explore ways of deepening mobile-money usage to reduce the risk of spreading the virus through physical handling of cash”. While this may be true for many Kenyans, it would prove difficult for MPESA agents, who have to handle physical cash.







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