Telegram Will Soon Gain A Bunch Of Features That Are Similar To WhatsApp


Telegram will soon gain a bunch of features that are similar to WhatsApp.

A lot of people are migrating to other messaging apps since WhatsApp introduced their controversial privacy policies. Telegram has since seen a massive growth in users and it’s rather obvious that people are abandoning WhatsApp over privacy concerns.

Telegram has been trying out new features and have already created an android beta that will likely make their way to other users.

So which features are these?

1.QR codes for joining groups

Once you share a QR code with Telegram users, they will be able to scan the code to join the group or channel. You can also now make invite links expire after a certain time period or after they have been used for a certain number of times. If you have the latest Telegram beta installed on your phone, you will be able to invite users by QR codes and manage invite links by heading over to Group Settings in the app.

2.You can report inappropriate posts

Additionally, the latest beta makes it easier to report content in groups or channels to Telegram moderators. Besides spam, you can now report posts for violence, child abuse, pornography, or “other.” Another new addition is the ability to report multiple messages at once.

3.Previews of your preferred chats

Telegram beta v7.5 also adds two widgets: a 2×2 version that shows up to four thumbnails and a larger 5×2 version with tiny previews of your preferred chats and channels. While the widgets are automatically populated with your most recent chats by default, you can select your own preferred chats when you add them to your homescreen.

Are you one of the people thinking of migrating?