Home Technology Honor is bringing Google Apps to its phones after breaking away from Huawei.

Honor is bringing Google Apps to its phones after breaking away from Huawei.

by Yvone Kendi
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Do you recall the Honor phones? The sub-brand was part of the Huawei umbrella, and when Huawei, through no fault of its own – presumably – ended itself on the US Entity List, it meant that its sub-brand was as well.

The ban’s biggest drawback is that those phones still don’t come with Google Play Services, which means all of your YouTubes, Google Maps, and Photos are out of reach for loyal consumers.

But not right now. Because Huawei was quick to respond. For good reason, it sold off the Honor sub-brand. For starters, the company made a lot of money, which meant Honor was no longer subject to the sanctions.

New buyers could now create new phones that enable Google Play Services, as we have seen today.

The news was disclosed at a press conference in China for the Honor 50 line of phones.

Future Honor smart gadgets will, according to the business, come with Google services pre-installed.

For the time being, the firm is conducting a Play Protect security evaluation, which includes a smartphone compatibility test.

Honor further claims that GSM badges will be given to compatible handhelds. However, a Google spokeswoman declined to say which phones will come preloaded with the popular Google mobile operating system and related services.

Huawei, on the other hand, appears to have moved on from its legal battle with the US authorities. It has now unveiled HarmonyOS, a slew of new devices that run the platform, and a pledge to upgrade all of its phones to the new OS. Doable? Unless things change in Washington and Huawei is welcomed back to the Google Play Service side of the world with open arms, the answer is probably yes.

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