ByteDance, The Parent Company of TikTok, Is Developing A New Music App To Rival Spotify And Apple


ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, is purportedly working on a brand-new app that will assist users in finding new music. Although the actual debut date is yet unknown, the app will be branded “TikTok Music,” according to a trademark filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Given that the main TikTok app mainly emphasizes music in addition to short video content promotion, the application may assist the business to grow.

It will go up against the likes of Spotify, Apple, and Google, three of the biggest names in streaming music. Resso, a music streaming app offered by ByteDance, is still accessible for download in India even though its sister TikTok has been blocked there for national security grounds.

Users will be able to “live stream audio and video interactive media programs in the sphere of entertainment, fashion, sports, and current affairs,” according to the trademark for TikTok Music by ByteDance. It will provide “downloaded mobile applications with content from podcasts and radio broadcasts.”

We may anticipate seeing several capabilities that are already present on Resso in the TikTok Music app if it is under development. Like Spotify and YouTube Music, the Resso app, for example, offers a scrolling layout akin to TikTok and displays suggestions based on users’ surfing histories. Users may also see lyrics, download music for offline listening, and utilize Shazam to look up songs that are playing in the background. Notably, the software makes it simple for users to deactivate their accounts. Only a few markets, including Brazil and India, provide it, though.

Additionally, a particular button directing visitors to Resso is present in the TikTok app for Brazil.

Resso will probably continue to function in India under the same name when the app officially opens, but the app focused on Brazil could get a new name. TikTok Music plans to establish itself in significant areas including the US and the EU. Resso has now had over 100 million downloads internationally, according to app tracker Appbrain.

According to ByteDance’s objectives for growth, we may anticipate the launch of TikTok Music Originals, which would be comparable to Spotify’s own original programming. As one might anticipate, the main TikTok app will allow users to utilize any of the songs that are accessible on the platform.