Google Has Released The Year In Search List And What Kenyans Have Been Searching Will Surprise You


Google has released the year in search list and what Kenyans have been searching may come as a surprise.

It would be unnatural if Kenyans were not Googling about Covid because that happened to be on the top of the list. However, it seems that the pandemic obsession died down because the top two things that Kenyans have been searching the English Premier League and the U.S. elections were trending for some time.

Both searches make a lot of sense, it’s clear that Kenyans are football fanatics and at the same time the U.S. elections caught everyone’s eye because who didn’t want to see if Trump would be chosen again?

There were a lot of COVID related searches.

A lot of Kenyans wanted to know how to keep safe, the current situation in the country, wanted to track COVID announcements from the government and were also highly interested in Tanzania and how they were managing COVID despite the fact that they have not been tracking the numbers.

Additionally a number of Kenyans searched about the opening of schools, this came as the fifth most searched issue, with the schools reopening many have been wondering which protocols will be used to keep students safe.

Top 10 Trending General Queries
1.English Premier League 
2.US elections 
3.Thank you coronavirus helpers 
4.Coronavirus in Kenya 
5.Schools reopening in Kenya 
6.Tanzania coronavirus 
7.Boris Johnson 
8.Coronavirus in Italy 
9.Waiguru impeachment 
10.London marathon 

Top 10 Trending Local Personalities 
1.Miguna Miguna 
2.Babu Owino 
3.Raphael Tuju 
4.Joan Kubai 
5.Mutahi Kagwe 
6.Oscar Sudi 
7.Mercy Mwangangi 
8.Willis Raburu 
9.Moses Kuria 
10.George Magoha

Top 10 Trending Losses 
1.Papa Shirandula 
2.Kobe Bryant 
3.Former President Daniel Moi 
4.Ken Walibora 
5.Kenny Rogers 
6.Chadwick Boseman 
7.Papa Dennis 
8.Naya Rivera 
9.George Floyd 
10.Tecra Muigai 

Top 10 Trending Movies & TV Shows 
1.Money Heist 
6.Blood and Water 
8.Raised by wolves 
9.The Witcher