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Seven Awesome Things To Do With The New M-PESA App.

As of this writing, the M-PESA app is highly popular, and for good reason. It features a modern appearance (unrivaled user interface) and most M-PESA features that may be utilized exclusively without the need to use the STK menu or the mySafaricom app.

Here are some of the features that will impress you. So, shall we discuss them?

Hide your mpesa balance.

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This information was recently received the other day. Previously, your balances were displayed at the top of the interface. Many people, including yourself, were annoyed by this. By pressing the ‘eye’ button, you can now hide that balance. The functionality also conceals your transaction history, making it an excellent security tool.

Send money to many

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You can only send money to a maximum of five persons using the app. If you want to pay your employees using M-PESA, you can do it in batches rather than select them individually. I must confess that this is a useful function for business people, and it is already gaining popularity. While using the service, you will still be charged transaction fees for each person to whom you send money.

Request Money

M-PESA app users can make requests from friends, family, and colleagues, as the name implies. It’s simple to do so: simply enter the phone number from which you’d want to request money, input the amount, write a descriptive phrase (optional), and confirm the transaction. The request will be received by the receiver, who will respond appropriately.

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Offline Mode

To execute simple transactions, the new M-PESA app can be used without a mobile connection. As seen in the image, the toggle to enable this functionality may be found in the options area. You may use the functionality to send money, pay bills, and much more. This is an improvement because there are various situations in which a user may be without data, and the function would be useful in those situations. Because its other apps, such as my Safaricom, do not have it, this is also the first offline implementation we’ve seen from the operator.

Popular bills

All of the common bills are now stored in the M-PESA program, so there is no need to memorize them. Kenya Power to DStv is among the bills. You can even use a search engine to look for a specific pay bill number.

Similarly, the until section keeps your often dialed numbers or favorite bills, which is convenient because it saves time.

If you want to go that route, both options (Pay bill and Till) include the ability to scan QR codes.

My Spend

The ‘My Spend’ function in the app drew a lot of attention when it was first released. It just counts up all of your M-PESA transactions and shows you how much money has been handled through your M-PESA account. The amount you can spend is limited to one month.


There is a slew of additional small details that the M-PESA software excels at.

  • For example, you can view all transactions made over a specific time (we can go back as far as three months only). The transactions are pulled from the cloud, so you can complete them on another device or via STK and still see them after installing the app.
  • Even if you remove your SIM card, the program may continue to function normally. This means that even if your SIM card is on another device, you may still use the app.
  • On the lifestyle front, you can use services such as BuuPass to reserve a bus or Madaraka Express to obtain a gas cylinder (ProGas).
  • Although KCB M-PESA has not yet been merged, you can save using M-Shwari (mySafaricom app has it).
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